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A Study of Snail Behavior

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Create a free website with academia using Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio. Choose a beautiful color theme and build anything with the Page Builder - over 40 widgets, themes, and language packs included!

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Key features:

Color Themes

academia comes with day (light) and night (dark) mode built-in. Click the sun/moon icon in the top right of the Demo to see it in action!

Choose a stunning color and font theme for your site. Themes are fully customizable and include:


  • academia Admin : An admin tool to import publications from BibTeX or import assets for an offline site
  • academia Scripts : Scripts to help migrate content to new versions of academia


You can choose from one of the following four methods to install:

Then personalize and deploy your new site .


View the Update Guide .

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Roman Jurowetzki
Associate Professor of Innovation Studies and Applied Data Science

My research interests include the use of natural language processing in innovation research, application of AI technologies in business and industry